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About the VEM Project 

VEM is a collaborative writing and worldbuilding project centered around the fictional VEM universe (VEM Universe) built through the many unique characters, items, and creatures that inhabit it (each, a Block). Blocks build into the VEM Universe, adding layers, depth, and richness to the VEM Universe. VEM encourages readers to flex their writing muscles and become active contributors, leveraging a global readership, their diverse perspective, writing styles, and ingenuity to create an entire universe from the ground up with a correspondingly large body of work that will grow and withstand the test of time.

Canon: Canon refers to the body of work that is recognized as part of the "official" story or world established by the creator(s). Every month one story will be elevated Canon based on consistency, creativity, and color (details it adds to characters or the VEM Universe). 

Milestone 1: upon reaching 1000 subscribers, subscribers start to vote for the stories and work (by other subscribers) that become canon. The goal is to take my hands off the wheel and enjoy the scenery while the internet drives.  

About Me 

Hello! Call me Derekly, I am a (1) lawyer/ amateur writer living in New York, (2) seasoned story collector , and (3) believer in the creativity and ingenuity of internet denizens. The VEM Universe is a project to create a fictional universe with deep details and rich lore.   

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